A Guide To Alternate Medical Practices

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Well hello there. If you are reading this article then you may have decided that it is time to explore some alternative medical practices. This may mainly be due to the fact that alternate medical practices have slowly gained popularity among all masses of people. However, before we proceed any further there are few things that one must keep in mind. The first is that alternate medical practices do not fall under western medicine. But these practices are still considered to be complementary to medicine. Furthermore, one should also keep in minds that while some individuals claim that these practices are beneficial there are others which refute this theory.

Ear Wax Removal

We understand that many individuals do not pay any attention to ear wax. That is because they believe that ears would automatically clean themselves and that there is nothing for them to worry. But this is a misconception because a build-up of ear wax can lead to countless problems with the main being loss of hearing. Thus, due to this reason people have begun to think of ways to remove wax from their ears. For many people, the easiest way would be to use Q-tips. However, this is considered to be a dangerous practice because it tends to push the wax further inside. Thus, that is why we are attempting to suggest a new practice called ear cones. This is where a lighted hollowed candle is placed inside the ear.

Therefore when one considers what this practice is about they may think that they should purchase candle supplies wholesale from Happy Natural Therapies to place inside their ear. But this is not the way one should proceed with this practice. Instead one should attempt to locate a professional who has the knowledge and the experience regarding this practice.


This is another type of practice that has gained popularity in the western world. However, we understand that there might be certain readers who are not aware of this practice. Therefore the only thing that one should know is that it utilizes essential oils to promote the well-being of individuals. These oils which are derived from leaves, flowers and seeds and either inhaled or massaged on to one’s skin. Furthermore, one should also keep in mind that this practice can be used for a variety of reasons. For instance, many western countries may use this practice to promote relaxation. However, in the eastern counties especially in Asia, these oils are used to treat inflammations.Thus, with the help of this article, one would be able to glean some knowledge about certain alternative medical practices.